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Random Thoughts of a Proofreader

Here I sit with a blank page before me waiting for the words to come. Will they bubble up, pour out, issue forth or babble on? No one knows, certainly not I. I could ramble on for hours with absolutely nothing of substance to say. Sadly, I’ve read books like that, or rather, I’ve tried to read books like that.

Trying to think of something to write about, I decided to write about nothing, a big fat zero, nothing of value, nada. Well, actually, what I have just accomplished is to give you Insight No.1 in how to waste time. You were looking for something entertaining to take your mind off the urgent, weren’t you? But what you got was nothing. You took your precious moment to read about nothing. You will never recover that moment, there was nothing redemptive here at all. Mission accomplished.

Insight No. 2 – keep reading because it has to get better, right? Since, you’ve spent the last moment reading about nothing, I’m going to give you just a glimpse into the next moment: it doesn’t get any better. You will not recover this moment either.

Insight No. 3 – You’ve probably wasted more time than this doing nothing all by yourself. You didn’t need to read about it at all. I hope you enjoy all your wasted moments as much as you did reading this.

Let this be a lesson to you: every moment is precious and the wasted ones can never be recovered.

There is One Thing of Value

Fresh Eyes Proofreaders can help you redeem your moments. We can edit and proofread your manuscript, article, business paper, presentation or resume. Contact us for a free consultation.

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