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We're Baaaack!

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

What an awesome, upside-down year 2022 was for Fresh Eyes Proofreaders! We worked at our day jobs while we studied, trained and developed a plethora of new skills and abilities that allowed us to increase our service offerings. We edited, proofread and published Kay Lee Vincent's first book, "All for Mercy's Sake" (available on Amazon), edited and proofread Stephen Robert Cass's books "The 5 Keys to a Clear Mix" and "The 5 Steps to Get Your Songs Heard" (available on Amazon), researched and worked on an historical fiction Civil War manuscript (how interesting that was!), a non-fiction manuscript on the dynamics of leadership in relationships, and revamped several promising resumes and cover letters.

Yes, 2022 was an awesome, upside-down year of highs and lows, feast and famine. But, we are back in the groove and looking forward to providing continued and enhanced editorial services. We hope 2023 brings you peace, prosperity, creativity and a reason to contact Fresh Eyes Proofreaders (and editors).

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