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Every Great Story Has a Beginning

I don't know why this line in the book I was reading caught my attention the way it did. I know you have to start somewhere to get anywhere, every trip starts with the first step, and all that. But the line did catch my attention and made quite an impact in my perspective of what achievement and accomplishment require. We all have a story. It could be a story of overcoming hardship, conquering some gigantic work project monster, or achieving a goal that was once only a dream. Or it could be one of adversity that just won't go away.

The bottom line is that only you can make your story great. Does it matter that you haven't accomplished some monumental project or met some highly challenging goal? No. You see, what makes a story great is perspective. Your story is great—because it is part of something bigger than yourself, you have a great story—because you are participating in life's great adventure, you are a great story in progress—because your story is not over. Perspective.

What is your story? Let Fresh Eyes Proofreaders---and Editors help you tell it.

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