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Dollar Bills

Our Rates

Our low rates may vary based on the following:  length of the project, complexity of the work, or escalated completion time.  As a general rule, our rates start at $.02 per word or $25-$35 per hour.  If it would help you make the decision to work with us easier, we will be glad to provide a free 1-page sample so you can judge the quality and thoroughness for yourself.

Proofreading, fiction                     $31–$35/hr    $.02–$.029/wd     11–15 pages/hr

Proofreading, nonfiction              $36–$40/hr   $.02–$.029/wd    7–10 pages/hr

Proofreading, business/sales        $41–$45/hr    $.04–$.049/wd    7–10 pages/hr

Proofreading, medical/STEM      $41–$45/hr    $.03–$.039/wd    4–6 pages/hr

You've heard the expression, "You get what you pay for!", meaning, of course, that if you invest little for quality, you get a little quality, but if you invest with a mindset of receiving great quality, that's exactly what you get.  Here is the rate chart we use for guidance. It is based on 2020 survey data provided by the Editorial Freelancers Association.


If you have any questions about our rates or would like to schedule a free consultation about your project, please don't hesitate to reach out.


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