What They Say About Us

It's important to us that you know what others are saying about the services Fresh Eyes provides.


Another resume and cover letter

"I was referred to Pauline at Fresh Eyes Proofreaders by a friend from high school. I was up for a big promotion at work and had a very short window of time to update my resume and write a cover letter. I needed both projects done in 2-3 days and I had no idea as to how I would complete them in time. My resume needed completely revamped and a cover letter needed to be written from scratch for this new opportunity.


Not only did Pauline get both projects done on time, but they were perfectly and professionally done. She was very quick to make any of my suggested changes and offered a lot of advice along the way. I will definitely use her services in the future."     

                              Tamara Flora, Cardiometabolic Sales Professional

Nonfiction Manuscript

As an author, sometimes you believe you know how to write, how to convey a message. I'm telling you, you don't know how to write until you partner with the right editors. They're not there to convey your message. That's up to you. Pauline and Mandy are a very clean and thorough editing machine, and they suggest clarity where that is absent. I couldn't write my non-fiction books without them.

Stephen Robert Cass, Author