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Torture, Pure Torture!

The English language can be torturous! Pure torture. That means it’s hard, complicated, confusing and causes excruciating angst. The word torturous means to cause great pain and suffering—physical pain, maybe, mental anguish, most definitely. Torturous may cause anguish but it should not be confused with tortuous which is a curving, winding path or convoluted argument that never quite finds purchase. Then there’s tortious, having to do with a legal action. How about forming a sentence with all three? Try this:

“The attorney began her torturous tortuous argument on the tortious act she was prosecuting that ultimately left everyone in a complete state of confusion.” Did you get that? That was pure torture.

Fresh Eyes Proofreaders can take the torture out of your literary project. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

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