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So Much To Do, So Little Time!

"I'm in way over my head! I don't have time to read this over again! Details, details, details. Does it really matter that there's a misspelled word in the presentation? People will understand that I'm too busy to bother with the minutiae. After all, I am an important person with schedules to meet, products to sell, and connections to make." Have you ever felt this way?

First, let me point out that it really does matter that there could be a misspelled word in the presentation. And, it most certainly will catch someone's eye. That someone could be your next business associate, your next interview or even your next huge deal! Word of advice: don't overcommit, take the time to go over it one more time, sweat the details, know your audience, and get off your high horse! In the meantime, surround yourself with really good people who will take care of the details and look after the horses.

Fresh Eyes Proofreaders are really good people and we know a lot about details, not so much about horses. Schedule a free consultation today.

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