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Rural Transit Day, July 16, 2021

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Rural Transit Day, July 16, 2021. Who knew this was even a thing? Rural Transit Day. I live in a rural community and most of the transit I see are trucks headed to work, combines and hay balers headed to the field, my mail carrier bringing my bills and my weekly newspaper, moms and dads taking their kids to school or big yellow school buses making their routes. I appreciate rural transit, though. I think it is a very important service in those communities fortunate enough to have it.

The National RTAP (Rural Transit Assistance Program) has a pretty neat pledge where they challenge each other to:

· seek to understand the unique needs of rural and tribal passengers;

· provide helpful, courteous and respectful customer service;

· equal service to all passengers regardless of all the differences that we should accept in each other (you know the differences I’m talking about); and

· contribute to society in a way that motivates us to be better.

They aim to make a difference in communities where mobility and transportation are problems for their residents. I can see the benefit, really, for elderly and disabled residents trying to get to their doctor’s appointments, connecting residents with local businesses, providing a service to vulnerable populations and providing a connection with friends and family when transportation is an issue.

Anyway, happy Rural Transit Day!

You can find out more by visiting their website. At Fresh Eyes Proofreaders we aim to do the same things, provide quality services at an affordable rate, treat all people with dignity and respect, hold ourselves to the highest standard of responsiveness and customer service. You can visit us on Facebook, LinkedIn and on our website.

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