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I Need a Fresh Set of Eyes on This

“I need a fresh set of eyes on this! This report is probably the single most important thing I have done in my entire career and I’m nervous that it may contain some embarrassing typo or other error.” Maybe you have said something like that or thought it. You want to be taken seriously and you want the credibility you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Did you know that when readers find an error in printed work, the author’s credibility is brought into question? It’s as if the reader is asking: What other mistakes will I find? Can I trust the report/article/website to be factual? Attention is diverted from the content to the search. And it’s not a good search for the facts, it’s a search meant to discredit the author, editor, proofreader, publisher, even the media. Really!

At Fresh Eyes Proofreaders, we get it. We understand how important your work is and that the fate of the world as you know it is at stake. We understand that you have an important message to get out there or that your manuscript is your baby and it deserves to be published in style. You, the author, need to be free to create and develop ideas, not worry about every little period, comma, quotation mark, misused or overused word. This is true in every genre from science fiction to recipes. Your work has to be perfect.

Even though you proofread and edit as you go along your literary way, you can become so familiar with your writing style and what you intend to say that you can easily omit a word or misplace a comma or semicolon. It happens to the best of us. Let Fresh Eyes Proofreaders take the final look through your work and shine it up so you won’t have to worry.

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