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I Have Set My Cites. Or sites? Or sights?

Which one is it? Let’s face it, English is not easy. There are nuances, meaning, punctuation, and attitude that make up the spoken and written word. There are figures of speech, idioms, hyperbole, homonyms, antonyms, comparisons, and contrasts that add color and spice to our literature. And, that changes all the time. Everyday there is a new word or expression or old word with a new meaning that makes its way into Merriam-Webster and Funk and Wagnalls. But I digress; moving on…

To answer the question, “Which one is it?”

I can tell you which quotations and references the writer cites correctly or incorrectly.

I can show you the sites of the library and courthouse where I found the reference material.

I have set my sights on providing excellent proofreading services for writers who are serious about their craft and who want to present a finished, polished manuscript for publication. I have set my sights on providing word-wise, reliable, affordable, and unmatched quality for all types of literary work.

Call today to schedule a free consultation.

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