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Bear, Bare/Born, Borne or Bourne?

What an interesting conundrum these words introduce. We probably don’t have too much trouble with bear when it comes to identifying a big brown bear with her cubs. But, we might sometimes have difficulty understanding the difference between bear and bare when it comes to carrying a stack of books or hearing the bare truth of a matter. Bear and bare are called homonyms or homophones, words that sound alike but have different meanings. They can be confusing especially when you’re in a hurry and the spell check doesn’t catch it because, after all, they are probably spelled correctly, just not used correctly.

What about born and borne? Do you even know the difference an e can make? One little e. I was born back in the day, socially and demographically speaking, I’m a baby boomer. I have borne many a heavy secret in my born days on this earth. Born days? Really? That’s what we baby boomers say sometimes. We got it from our folks who probably got it from theirs. Born and borne are not really that difficult. What is difficult, however, is trying to discover Jason Bourne’s real identity. Now that’s a conundrum of epic (or is it epoch?) proportions.

While Fresh Eyes Proofreaders can’t help Jason Bourne with his identity, we can help you with your literary project.We can spot the differences that an e can make, and we promise to bear your project through to completion.That’s the bare truth of the matter. Schedule a free consultation today.

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