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I Just Don't Have Time for This!

You’ve finished your manuscript (or presentation or report) and have another deadline looming. But, you just don’t feel comfortable hitting the SUBMIT button until all the t’s are crossed, the i’s are dotted, the commas are all in place, and there are no typos. Pressure is mounting and the slapping of the forehead begins. If only you had more time. If only you hadn’t waited till the last minute to get started. If only you had realized the project would involve that much research. If only you had taken that course on time management and setting priorities. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

In the literary and business space it is essential that your work be as error-free as humanly possible. I have found that a lot of the stress can be eliminated, or at least toned down a bit, by planning ahead. I know, I know…hindsight is 20/20, right? Let me give you three tips to deal with the “pressure cooker effect” in the future:

1. Use a planner.

2. Take the time management course.

3. Call Fresh Eyes Proofreaders.

What a relief to know that you have taken the time, no, scheduled the time for a professional, objective fresh set of eyes on your project. Let us be your trusted source for polished professional proofreading.

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